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A Nationwide Safety Upgrade

Kent Companies Converts to KASK Safety Helmets

Innovations in building technology and materials are found across the concrete construction industry, yet one component of worker safety has remained unchanged for nearly 60 years. The traditional hard hat is an icon on construction job sites. But, do they provide complete protection from head injuries?

Traditional hard hats provide an effective safeguard from falling objects, yet they fail to protect workers from falls and side impact hazards. OSHA reports that falls and ‘struck by object’ incidents account for over 40% of construction fatalities. Even if not fatal, traumatic brain injuries pose a serious risk to workers’ long-term health and wellness. Kent Companies Director of Project Management Jordan Berens recognized the issue and set the stage for Kent Companies’ nationwide conversion to KASK safety helmets.

Berens shared, “We learned about climbing style helmets at a national safety seminar, and we knew this was the right move for our team.” Berens continued, “Most people think the shape and chin strap make them look like bicycle helmets. But, our team quickly preferred KASK helmets for their comfort, wearability and protection.”  Berens collaborated with the Kent Companies safety team to pilot the new helmets with the Midwest commercial concrete division. The team’s initial reservation was quickly replaced with enthusiastic support.

Kent Companies Safety Manager David DeGraaf added, “KASK helmets provide top, front, side, and rear impact protection. Equally important, the chin strap ensures they stay on in a full range of motion, whether you’re finishing concrete or working at heights.”  DeGraaf continued, “These helmets are a major upgrade in both protection and comfort.”

Kent Companies CEO Jeff VanderLaan called the conversion an easy decision. “Safety is the first hallmark of our business, and investing in KASK helmets is the right thing to do to equip our team to work as safely as possible. Our customers count on us to be forward-thinking in every aspect of our operations, and safety comes first.”

VanderLaan continued, “With the conversion to KASK helmets in all of our operations centers, we’re on the leading edge for safety. More importantly, we’re reinforcing our values.”