Working safe has a lot of rewards.

  • You return home to your family and loved ones each night.
  • Our communication improves. We do a better job by watching out for each other.
  • Our job sites are more productive.
  • Our quality improves.

We want to hear about what you and your team are doing to improve safety, and we’re going to recognize and reward the best submissions every month.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Nominate your peers by recognizing any positive safety activity on a job site (pulling nails from boards, rebuilding handrail, active in JHA meetings, excellent site inspections, help training others, etc.)
    2. Email your nomination to
    3. Nominations are reviewed by Division 110 leaders and the safety team on the first Wednesday of every month. This committee chooses a monthly winner and grants a prize.
    4. All monthly winners are entered into an annual competition with an even bigger prize pool.

The Prize Pool:

  • Monthly prize awards are $500.
  • The annual prize is $1,000.

The Fine Print:

To remain in competition for the yearly award you cannot have any write-ups/willful violations (administered by Supers, PM’s, Foreman, Field Operations, Safety Personnel)

  1. Write-ups include tardiness, no call/no show, violations of roles/responsibilities, etc.
  2. Willful safety violations include failure to wear required PPE, improper use of equipment and material, unsafe acts, ignoring safety hazards etc.
  3. This is a beta program designed to cultivate a stronger safety culture at Kent Companies. Based on program results, more divisions will launch this program.

Got Questions?:

Contact Steve McCoy, Jordan Berens or a member of the safety team: Carl Aukeman, David DeGraaf or Todd Darling.