BATNA Tool for Customer Negotiations

Score each question on a 1-10 scale.

Is this a negotiated bid or competitive bidding situation?

Negotiated Bid with Kent Companies alone
Competitive bid market with multiple competitors

How much does the customer depend on Kent Companies?

High Dependency
Low Dependency

What are the customer’s switching costs from Kent Companies?

High Costs
Low Costs

Can Kent Companies deliver schedule advantages or schedule savings?

Significant Schedule Advantages
Negligible Time Constraints / Schedule not a Driver

How much will the project schedule be affected if they use a competitor instead of Kent Companies?

(Do you know your competitors’ backlog/delivery schedule?)

Dramatic Increase in Time
Dramatic Decrease in Time

How many different projects are in progress or in the bidding phase with this customer?

(Are we a strong incumbent? Are we fully entrenched?)

Multiple Projects
Few to No Other Projects

Are we offering a highly distinct capability on this project?

(i.e. Ductilcrete, past performance in a specific segment (>1M SF, subterranean, multiple decks/elevated structures, etc.)

Exceptionally Unique or Advantageous
No unique aspects of this project.

How strong are Kent Companies’ relationships with the customer’s Project Executives & Executive Management?

(Do we have relationships beyond the Pre-Con/Estimating team?)

Deep, Long-Standing Relationships

What type of exposure will the General Contractor have if this project is not completed safely, on time and at the specified quality?

High Exposure
Little Exposure

How strong are the customers’ relationships with other concrete subcontractors?

Weak Relationships
Strong Relationships

BATNA Tool for Supplier Negotiations

Score each question on a 1-10 scale.

Is Kent Companies a major buyer in the marketplace?

Yes. Kent Companies buys the largest share.
No. Kent represents a small revenue segment.

How strong are the supplier’s relationships with other potential customers?

No Evidence of Strong Relationships
Many Strong Relationships

How much does the supplier depend on Kent Companies in terms of revenue, visibility, reputation?

Highly Dependent on Kent Companies
Dependent on Other Customers

What is the supplier’s ability to replace the revenue they receive from Kent Companies?

Very Weak Ability
Very Strong Ability

What are the supplier’s switching costs if they moved the business they provide away from Kent Companies?

Very High Costs
Very Low Costs

What kind of pressure is on the supplier for growth and revenue?

Very High Pressure
No Pressure

What type of exposure will the supplier’s leadership have if the work is not completed or things fall apart?

Very High Exposure
No Exposure

Are there internal/external distractions in the supplier’s market?

Many Distractions
No Distractions

Does the supplier already sell to your competitors?

Has Already Penetrated These Customers with Maximum Sales
Has a Lot of Opportunity to Sell More to Others

What risks to the supplier exist if the negotiation does not go well?

Many Significant Risks
No Considerable Risks