Job site safety is our first priority.

We know that YOU have the best ideas on how to work safely and keep your teammates safe. Here’s your chance to share them with the team.

What is the Level UP Safety Challenge?

This is a video competition to improve safety on our job sites nationwide. We want you to submit your safety tips and best practices. We’ll use YOUR ideas to increase safety awareness and create new training for the entire Kent team.

This isn’t about creating the perfect video.

It’s about sharing practical ideas that keep you and your teammates safe.

How to Participate:

  • Use your phone to record a short safety tip. (30-60 seconds)
  • Tell us your name and what job site you’re working on.
  • Be safe! You must be wearing all PPE in your video. You can only record before/after work or at a safe stopping point.
  • Text or email your video to your local safety manager.

Tips for Success:

  • Hold your phone sideways for the best video.
  • Make sure the area is free of safety hazards before filming.
  • Avoid areas with wind or traffic to ensure quality sound.

Send Videos to Your Safety Team:

Win Prizes:

  • Every video that passes our safety check earns:
    • Level Up Challenge Hi-Viz T-Shirt
    • Kent Companies Hat
    • Level Up Challenge Sticker
  • $500 Grand Prizes will be awarded for the best quality videos!
  • $100 “Fan Favorite” prize will be awarded to the individual with the most “likes” on social media.
  • Winners will be chosen in Texas, the Midwest and the Carolinas.


  • Week 1: January 31
  • Week 2: February 7
  • Week 3: February 14
  • Week 4: February 21

For questions, contact a member of your local safety team.

 Go RED!


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