For Managers:

Superintendents, foremen and supervisors should use this form to submit missing time for an employee who missed entry into ExakTime for a previous pay week

This form submits a request directly to the Payroll Department. It is important that you enter your own email so that you receive a copy of the request via email. This is for accuracy and security purposes.

For Employees:

Please notify your supervisor of your missing time, and ask him/her to submit this form.  The Payroll Department will only process requests submitted by a supervisor.

Supervisors Name (Required)
Supervisor Email: (Required)
Who is the employee with missing time? (Required)
What is their employee ID number? (Required)
Division (Required)
Please enter up to five days’ worth of missing time.
Date 1 (Required)
Date 2
Date 3
Date 4
Date 5
Deduct 30 minutes per day for lunch time? (Required)