Use this form to submit your vacation/personal time off request to the Payroll Department.

The deadline for submitting requests is by 5pm on Friday of the week of vacation.

Helpful Tips:

  • All vacation/personal time requests must be submitted online.
  • Submit your vacation requests ahead of time! You do not need to wait until the week of the request.
  • There is no need to call the office to submit vacation. Online requests are preferred.<
  • KCI & KSE only: Check your pay stub to see how many hours you have available in your time bank. Click here for instructions on how to access your pay stub online.
  • Vacation hours will only be granted if you have the hours available.
  • If you need to make additional changes after submitting this form, please email your payroll department:
    KCI & KSE: or call 616-534-4909 and ask for the Payroll Department.
    KTX: or call 972-221-8113 and ask for the Payroll Department.