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Contractor’s Compass: How to Create a “See Something, Say Something” Safety Culture

All contractors have the opportunity to improve safety culture and reduce incidents with data analysis and near miss reporting. Our Southeast safety coordinator Ben Stevens wrote an article for the American Subcontractors Association’s Contractor’s Compass. In the piece, Stevens outlines how he has cultivated a safety culture you can see by:

  • Capturing dynamic moments over static ones
  • Making reporting accessible
  • Creating a visible safety culture
  • Owning what you know
  • Promoting a proactive culture

As the Leaders in Concrete, it is important that we are also the leaders in safety. We ensure our resources are easily accessible and user-friendly online and in multiple languages. Implementing a “Safety Around the Clock” culture means our team is prepared to work safely and injury-free at all times.

Read the full article here to learn how to implement smart safety practices.