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Level UP Safety Challenge: Safety Culture You Can See

Media consumption is changing. It’s no secret that most people prefer to watch over read. As video reels consume more attention than ever on social media, we know people love to watch their peers and friends online.

Kent Companies uses this media shift strategically, using video to drive our safety culture. The Level UP Safety Challenge is our annual video challenge to our team; it’s safety tips, lessons and content recorded by the team, for the team.

“Level UP fuels a sense of camaraderie among our crews. When they watch their colleagues talk about safety on video, they understand how safety is ingrained in our culture. We talk it, coach it, record it and share it,” shared Safety Manager David DeGraaf. “The Level UP Safety Challenge gives veterans and newcomers a voice in our safety culture.”

Peer influence goes a long way in safety. The Level UP Safety Challenge consistently generates more than 40 team-submitted safety videos each year. This year’s challenge garnered an all-time high of 50 videos, all 30 to 60-second tips, ultimately generating over 43 hours of watch time among our team and our trade partners. 

Beyond video analytics, the challenge ingrains a safety mindset among our field team.

“This isn’t about creating the perfect video,” said DeGraaf. “It’s about sharing practical ideas that keep you and your teammates safe. When our team uses their voice to drive safety culture, we amplify the reach and impact of our entire safety program.”

Among all submissions, the Safety Team chose winners from the Midwest, Carolinas, and Texas. This year’s winners included:

View the full Level UP Safety Playlist on YouTube. We believe safety culture is strongest when it’s owned and promoted by the people who depend on it every day.