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A Closer Look at the KCTX Commercial Division & Safety Updates

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KCTX Commercial Division: Arlington Automotive Logistics Center – by the Numbers

It’s the largest project in division history for the Kent Companies Texas Commercial Division, and the entire team is stepping up to the plate at Arlington Automotive Logistics Center(LOC). Operations Manager Victor Marshall says, “This project is meeting milestones and budget. Everything is clicking. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Arlington LOC is a 1.3 million square foot manufacturing and distribution complex for General Motors. Bob Moore Construction is the general contractor for the project. Marshall continues, “Our superintendents are executing at a really high level. Francisco Diaz, Damian Diaz and their teams are truly making it happen. Our project management team is exceptional.”

Project Manager Tait Langston shared more about the project. “We’re tackling a 700,000 square foot and a 500,000 square foot building – and we have an army of professionals doing the work.” The largest manpower days featured well over 115 Kent personnel on site and as many as 40 finishers at one time. The team often schedules and completes two pours per day, placing up 2,400-3,000 cubic yards at a time.

Marshall noted that an on-site batch plant proved essential to the effort. “We have been able to control the number of trucks, drivers and delivery schedules while eliminating traffic delays.” The timeline for the project is approximately five months, which is a relatively short timeframe for a project with expansive foundations, flatwork, slabs and paving.

It’s clear that Arlington LOC has all the marks of a Kent Companies job. Langston says, “We’re working quickly and driving productivity. At the same time, the quality is absolutely in place. There are a lot of eyes on watching us on this project.”

Executive Vice President Lance Ross concluded, “We know what our customers and the market demand, and this team delivers. We’re absolutely capable of delivering challenging projects over one million square feet. Arlington LOC is a proving ground for the Commercial Division, and we will use this opportunity to secure more high-profile work for our team.”

By the Numbers:

  • Project Duration: 5 months
  • Safety: The team is 21 weeks into the project, and they have already participated in five safety stand downs.
  • Productivity: The largest manpower days featured over 115 guys on site and as many as 40 finishers.
  • Foundations, Flatwork and Paving: 30,000 cubic yards of concrete across 1,250,000 square feet of building and 1,150,000 square feet of site work.
  • Tilt-Up Panels: There are 137 panels for the entire project. They measure nearly 50 feet tall, and some weigh as much as 140,000 pounds each.
  • How about that crane?  Mid Cities Erectors deployed a brand new crane on this project in early January. The Liebherr LR 1600/2 is rated to lift up to 600 tons with a maximum lift height of 187 meters. It is the largest mobile crane in North Central Texas.Read the Bob Moore Construction press release about the Liebherr crane by clicking here.  See the Bob Moore Construction photo gallery of the Liebherr crane by clicking here.

Safety Save the Date:

On January 30, 2018 there will be a safety stand down for the team at Arlington LOC. A tailgate lunch will be provided by the Kent Companies safety team.

Check out these photos from Superintendent Francisco Diaz:


Safety Director Rodney Hartline Appointed to ASCC National Safety & Risk Management Council

Kudos to Safety Director Rodney Hartline on his new role serving on the ASCC Safety & Risk Management Council. Hartline’s term begins on January 23, 2018. The Safety & Risk Management Council is dedicated to making ASCC members the safest contractors in the industry. Council members share their expertise and experience in the field of concrete construction  to educate and train ASCC contractors in all aspects of safety.

Hartline’s goal is to use practical experience from Kent Companies job sites to help others. He shares, “Safety is our first hallmark and our first priority on every job site. We emphasize a proactive approach to safety programs, job hazard analyses and reporting.” Hartline knows that a successful safety program is built on processes, problem-solving and rigor. “We’ve had a lot of success in growing our safety program, and I hope that our experience can help advance safety for all concrete contractors.”

Congratulations to Rodney!

Learn more about the ASCC Safety & Risk Management Council by clicking here.