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August Updates

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Summer Fun with Kona Ice!

Last week, Kona Ice stopped by the Broadstone Southside job site to give our team a summer treat. There will be Kona Ice stops at multiple job sites each week. Keep an eye out for the truck!


Kent Companies Southeast – 2250 Hawkins

General Contractor: Concorde Construction Company 

2250 Hawkins (Hub South End) is a mixed-use multi-family property located in Charlotte. Our team installed a post-tensioned podium slab that allows for 22,000 square feet of office and retail space on the first floor. The structure is complete, and only site work remains on the scope of work. Project Executive Dave McCauley shared, “Kudos to James Wright and his entire team on this effort. James has done an amazing job juggling schedules, completing work between other trades and managing the expectations of our customer.”  Read more about 2250 Hawkins by clicking here.


Toolbox Talk: Knives & Utility Knives

Although knives have been around longer than any other tool, people still misuse and handle knives incorrectly causing accidents and injuries on a regular basis. Knowing how to properly use and care for knives is essential for safe handling.

  • Always cut away from yourself.

Although ti seems like common sense to cut away from yourself when using a sharp blade, accidents happen daily as a result of ignoring this rule. to open a box, try kneeling in front of it and placing your hand on top of the box to hold it. Draw the knife across the box, away from yourself.

  • A sharper knife is a safer knife.

A sharper blade allows you to cut using less force and gives you greater control of the tool.

Remember, never use a knife for anything other than cutting. A knife blade is not a screwdriver, pry bar or can opener. Always use the correct tool for the job. For questions on tool use or identifying the right tool for the job, contact your foreman or safety manager.