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Charlotte October Updates

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Four New ACI-Certified Tilt-Wall Technicians

Congratulations to Dave McCauley, Mat Gedenberg, Victor Marshall and Thomas Casillas on earning certifications as ACI Tilt-Up Technicians at the recent Tilt-Up Concrete Association national convention. After completing a professional development session, they sat for a written exam. Their commitment to professional development is a great example of the RED Code at work.

Pictured below: Mat Gedenberg and Dave McCauley working through the written exam.

We’re Hiring! Earn up to $450 when you refer friends to Kent Companies

We are currently recruiting fro two foremen and 8-10 crew members to join our team. If you refer a candidate to Kent Companies and we hire them, you get paid! Tell your friends and family to list your name on their application.

  • When the new hire reaches 30 days, you receive a $100 gift card
  • When the new hire reaches 90 days, you receive a $250 gift card.
  • For referrals with a minimum of 2-3 years of construction experience, you receive an extra $100 gift card

Send your friends to to apply!

For questions, please contact Sarah Miller or Crystal McLaughlin.


Kudos to the 2100 South Tryon Project Team

Submitted by Jeff Kihm, Regional Manager

Below is a wonderful customer compliment from Bryce Sinacori at Barringer Construction.  Barringer is a very reputable GC in the Charlotte market whom we’ve met with several times over the past year trying to gain their business.  The 2100 Tryon project is our first project with them, and Jay Wendland, Steve Clark, Justin McCall, Dave Weaver and crew have been hitting on all cylinders.  It’s not very often that a GC dishes out compliments like this one.


Kudos to the HomeGoods Team

Submitted by Steve Clark, Project Manager

Jason Rinaldi, Dave Weaver and their team did a fantastic job once again! The crew earned a “job well done” from Jay Eaves (3rd party tester) on the HomeGoods slab at Rowan Summit. They beat specifications while placing at just over 100 CY/hour.

“The flatness and levelness observed today exceeded project requirements. Thanks and well done, Jason.” – Jay Eaves, P.E.


Ahead of the Curve: Industry-Leading PPE

Division 110 is currently testing new PPE helmets for field use. Ryan Ladner’s crew at Bronson South Haven were the first team members to be outfitted in new helmets. The helmets are coming to Pat Sullivan’s crew at The Graduate, and more job sites are being added quickly. Director of Project Management Jordan Berens shared, “Hardhat design has not been updated for over 60 years. Hard hats are also typically only designed for strikes to the top of the head.  Helmets are designed for strikes to the top of the head and to the sides of the head. The chin strap is great and prevents the cap from falling off.  Anybody who has tripped on a job site knows that typically your hard hat goes flying.”

Berens added, “I’m proud of the Division 110 team for your willingness to try new PPE and to help advance our safety culture.”

Toolbox Talk: Gasoline Safety Awareness

Gasoline, when harnessed properly serves as a vital source of energy. Treated carelessly, it can become an explosive monster. Many people are killed or seriously injured each year because they did not treat gasoline as a potential killer. Today we will discuss how you protect yourself from being injured or causing a fire or explosion.

  • Always store in approved safety cans. Ensure the can has proper labeling (i.e., Flammable plus, the type of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, etc.)
  • Always mark the storage can “GASOLINE – NO SMOKING”
  • Never store more than 25 gallons of Gasoline together outside of a Flammable Liq. Cabinet.
  • Remember, an empty can is more dangerous than a full one (because it will still have gas vapors).
  • Always flush out empty cans.
  • Keep all containers tightly closed.

Transferring Gasoline

  • Never transfer gasoline from one container to another in an area where there is any chance of ignition. Especially in a Confined Space without proper ventilation.
  • Clean up any spills immediately. It is a safety, health and environmental hazard.
  • Be wary of static electricity. Always use grounding straps when fueling from an above ground tank.


Division 110 – 10 Ionia

Submitted by Project Engineer Jacob Otto

A new modern icon is taking shape in downtown Grand Rapids.  Check out the progress at 10 Ionia Residence Inn by Marriott. The general contractor is Wolverine Building Group.


SUMC Progress Photos

Submitted by Mat Gedenberg, Project Manager