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City Income Tax Withholding: Updates for KCI and KCSE Employees

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City Income Tax Withholding

Effective immediately, Kent Companies will collect city income taxes from anyone working on a job site that is within the city limits of a taxing city.  Most cities charge 0.5% for non-residents, although some cities may be higher.  No paperwork is needed from employees, as the tax will be tied to the job.

If you already have taxes withheld as a resident of a taxing city, you will NOT be charged an additional amount for working on a job within that city.  Please note, any city tax withheld will be included on your year-end W-2, and you will be responsible for filing with the appropriate city.

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources by calling 616-534-4909, or email Mindy Curtiss or Sarah Miller.