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Division 1910 Updates – West Michigan Piering

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Patience & Strength: 803 Piers & Tiebacks at the Huff Park Boardwalk

Submitted by Duane Andrus, Vice President

Huff Park is more than a marathon for the Division 1910 team.

It’s like the Iditarod.

Rex Hart, Brandon Kling, Levi Hazen, Bryan Croel, Mike Dulyea, Tom Creg and others are demonstrating patience and strength on this boardwalk project. Huff Park is a 3,720 foot boardwalk project located in Grand Rapids. Our work began in December, and we will install over 800 piers and tiebacks by the time we complete our work in February.

Our team is completely precise and diligent as they pace themselves to install about 20 piers per day. Administrative Project Manager Kachine Creg shared, “Our team is adding a helical tieback  at every other pier location for additional stability (besides turns in the boardwalk due to the stability of corners).” Together, the piers and tiebacks will support steel decking for the boardwalk.

The Huff Park boardwalk extends through wetlands, which creates a range of obstacles for our work. The area is subject to flooding and site access requires creative solutions and equipment. To streamline this project, Division 1910 bought an Argo (an 8-wheel amphibious vehicle). The Argo is allowing us to stage the pier material and our portable for the tiebacks along the site. This keeps us moving more quickly with our mini-excavator. We use mud mats to move the excavator over areas with flowing water. While we had to cut some small trees had to allow enough access for installation, our approach has left minimal impact on the natural site.

Just like the Iditarod, cold weather brings additional challenges. The guys frequently chip ice away from the pier and tieback locations so they can successfully install the material.

Our Huff Park team is working with a surveyor to ensure perfect alignment during installation. We estimate that we’ll finish the race before the end of February. I’m extremely proud of the entire Division 1910 team for their problem-solving and diligence on this job. It’s one of many where we’ve proven our dedication to Making it Happen for our customers.

Huff Park – Before:

Huff Park – In Progress

Division 1910’s Argo