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GR MIH, ESL Classes & Safety Stand Down

Para leer este boletín en Español, abra el mensaje en su navegador y seleccione “Español” en el menú de idioma. En su teléfono, desplácese hasta la parte inferior para buscar el menú de idioma y seleccione “Español.”

Grand Rapids Team: Thursday, May 30th – 3:30pm

Location: Crossroads Event Center – 6569 Clay Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548

What is it?

The “Make it Happen” Event is our semi-annual employee appreciation event! The Grand Rapids event is scheduled for Thursday, May 30th at 3:30pm at Crossroads Event Center. We’ll provide a hearty dinner, company-wide updates, cash giveaways and a gift for every employee. Attendance is highly encouraged.

Traverse City Team: Thursday, May 30th – Save the Date

We’ll announce the time and location for the Traverse City Make it Happen Event soon.


¡Nuevo! Clases de español a inglés

Kent Companies está planeando ofrecer nuevos talleres de español a inglés a nivel principiante, intermedio y avanzado. Esta es una oportunidad de capacitación pagada diseñada para el equipo de Kent Companies.

Para inscribirse en la próxima ronda de talleres de español a inglés, debe realizar una prueba de preselección para encontrar el mejor nivel de clase para usted. La prueba de preselección dura dos horas. No hay costo para esta prueba.

Recuerde, se le pagará para tomar el examen de preselección y para asistir a la capacitación de idiomas.

Fechas y horarios de las pruebas de pre-detección:

  • 14-16 de Mayo, 5am a 7am (Martes, Miércoles, Jueves)
  • 18 de Mayo,  7am a 9am  (Sábado)
  • 21-23 de Mayo, 5am a 7am (Martes, Miércoles, Jueves)
  • Límite de 16 personas por cada sesión matinal.

Ubicación de prueba:
Centro de alfabetización de West Michigan
1120 Monroe Ave. NOROESTE,
Suite 240
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Reserve su lugar:
Debe informar a su superintendente la fecha en que desea realizar la prueba de preselección.
¡Anunciaremos las fechas de clases de español a inglés pronto!


Stop Falls, Stand Down

Thanks to everyone who attended the safety stand down at Studio Park this week!

Stop Work Shout Out to Phil Shafer

Kudos to Division 110’s Phil Shafer on the Greenmark Warsaw project for First Companies. Shafer noted that the guardrails were not up to 100% safety standards, so he delayed the pour until the issue was corrected. As a result, our team stayed safe, and the entire job site noticed! Robinson Construction, the steel subcontractor, sought out our team’s expertise and advice to improve safety across the site.

What is Stop Work Authority?

It’s simple, and it’s something everyone can do. It means taking 10 seconds with a “gut check” to stop or correct an activity that isn’t 100% safe.

Follow Phil’s lead. Use your voice and stop work when you see an activity that isn’t safe. We’ll be sharing more examples about how our team uses this 10-second check to keep our job sites safe.


Construction Math

When: TODAY, Friday, May 10th 3pm-4pm (repeating once per month all summer long)

Where: Grand Rapids Training Room

Who should attend this class?

Anyone who wants to learn basic construction math or improve their math skills when reading plans, converting measurements and ordering materials.

This is paid training and it is open to everyone. 

Class Topics:

  1. How to Read a tape measure
  2. Adding and subtracting mixed fractions
  3. Adding and subtracting dimensions on drawings
  4. Converting tenths of an inch into fractions
  5. Calculating square footage and volume for concrete and material usage

May is Financial Literacy Month

We believe it is important to plan for your future. That’s why we are excited to announce the following financial literacy workshops in May. All employees and spouses/significant others are invited to attend these events. For questions , contact Chris Fennema by calling 616-534-4909 or emailing

Retirement Planning for the 50+ Crowd

Tuesday, May 14th  4pm-5pm or Thursday, May 16th 4pm-5pm

KCI Training Room

This workshop presents strategies and resources for those with a shorter time horizon until retirement. Estate planning topics including wills & probate, property management, life insurance and trusts will be discussed. By attending this session, you will understand the estate options, tax basics, and lifetime saving and giving strategies you need to protect your assets and your family. Click here to register for this event.

Retirement Planning for 18-45 Year Olds

Tuesday, May 21st 4pm-5pm

KCI Training Room

This action-oriented session is designed to help you understand the value of saving for retirement today. Calculate your retirement investment goal and evaluate the investment options available to you. By attending this session, you’ll learn how the retirement strategies you enact today grow exponentially to support your retirement in the future. Click here to register for this event.