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GR Updates – November 2019

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Thank you and Extra Paid Holiday Announcement

Thank you to everyone who attended Celebrate Something More at DeVos Place. We are grateful for your hard work and that you choose to be a part of the Kent Companies team.

To further share our gratitude, we are awarding every KCI employee with an extra paid holiday on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We always want to improve your experience on our team. Celebrate Something More was different than our typical Make it Happen meeting. Whether you attended or not, please share your feedback on this survey. It should take 2 minutes or less to complete. The survey closes Friday.

Action Required for Retirement Plan Participants 

If you participate in the Kent Companies 401K Retirement Plan, you need to take action now to update your account.  With recent breaches of information (Equifax etc.), Macatawa is trying to stay ahead of the security game. Employees will have 30 days to log in to their online 401K  account (from the date of their first contribution).  If you do not log in during that time, your account will go into locked status. This will also apply to anyone who has never logged into their account.  If you have trouble accessing the website, please reach out to 616-494-1602 Option 1.  This will help you to be verified and unlocked by a Macatawa representative.

Click here for website login instructions.


Division 110 – Going the Extra Mile

Submitted by Dave Schoonbeck, COO

Kudos, and our thanks go to the Division 110 team members who battled sub-freezing temperatures on our job sites last Saturday. We appreciate your effort to work safely in this extreme weather and to deliver on our promises for our customers. Your efforts are recognized by many. This is truly a make it happen team.

(Pictured below: Teams at the VA, Lacks and Texas Corners)

Division 1610 – Kudos from Turner Construction

Turner Construction’s Team shared their gratitude with the Division 1610 team for their performance at Lakeland. “Thank you all for taking on our challenge and helping us get the concrete completed enough to have a parking lot in time for Lakeland’s gala. I appreciate you going right into action. As always it’s a pleasure working with you and I hope to be working on a project together again soon” shared Leon Lynn. Procurement Manager Nick Kuelske added, “Agreed! Thank you for jumping right on this, Kent team!”


Cold Weather is Here

Submitted by Dave DeGraaf, Safety Manager

With the snow comes a much greater risk of injury, both on the job site and traveling to it. Take these precautions:

  1. Allow extra time for the commute – traffic will be bad, and being in a rush will only increase the chances of accidents on the way to work.
  2. Snow will cover and disguise many basic jobsite hazards. Properly marking trip hazards and going above and beyond spray paint may be necessary to make these items visible.
  3. Walk with deliberation. The chances of slips will skyrocket with ice and snow buildup, so walking slower and planning routes across sites or while carrying materials will help prevent basic incidents like slip and falls.
  4. Use equipment to move material whenever possible! We are paying for it to be on site, so lets get our money’s worth.
  5. Stretch and flex. With cold temperatures it takes much longer to get warmed up.
  6. Bring extra gear like gloves. It’s extremely important to keep your hands warm during work. There are a lot of options to layer; ask your foreman or team lead for ideas.

Trench Safety Classes are Underway

Last week we kicked off the first of three monthly trench safety classes. We’ve invited our customers and vendors to join our team to increase collaboration, communication and safe job site operations. Pioneer, Elzinga & Volkers, Midwest Construction and the Bradford White team were among the first guests to join us. These classes will also be offered in Charlotte, Dallas and Austin. If you’re interested in trench safety certification, contact your manager or the safety team.


HR Corner: How to Minimize Holiday Stress

Submitted by Mindy Curtiss, HR Director

With all of the extra demands and expectations we place on ourselves during the holidays, it’s easy to get “stressed out.” Follow the tips below to help ease holiday stress and help you enjoy a meaningful and happy holiday season.

  1. Set a financial budget for the holidays and stick to it – Not just for gift giving, but for the top-dollar amount you can afford to spend for everything including gifts, big family dinners, wrapping paper, decorations, parties, etc. Plan what you will spend in advance, to avoid “impulse buying” and overspending.
  2. Budget your time as well as your money – Avoid the stress of last-minute shopping and preparations. Plan ahead. Make a “To Do” list and prioritize what has to be done. Set aside some time each day to accomplish scheduled holiday tasks.
  3. Keep holiday plans realistic – Don’t overload yourself. It’s not necessary to attend every family, social or religious celebration that comes along. When allotting your limited time, choose quality over quantity. Learn to say “no” gently but firmly to social events that are over your limit.

Click here to read the entire list of holiday tips from the EAC.

The Employee Assistance Center is available to all KCI and KSE full time employees. To learn more about accessing these resources, click here.

Hidden Talent:

Project Manager Taylor Klein Completes Kent Companies Fine Art

Dallas Project Manager Taylor Klein recently completed a custom piece of art featuring a Multi-Family Division finisher. The photograph was taken in late Spring. The artwork is 48″x36″, acrylic on canvas. It took five sessions of two hours each to complete. The artwork will hang in Executive Vice President Angel Alvarez’s office in Lewisville.