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KCI August Updates

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Save the Date! Grand Rapids – Make it Happen Event

Wednesday, November 6

New this year! The Fall Make it Happen Event will be a special gathering for all Kent Companies employees plus your spouse or special guest. The date for the Grand Rapids event is Wednesday, November 6 at DeVos Place. This is a 2-hour evening event that will feature heavy appetizers, prizes and a special program. We have an exciting announcement for all employees that you won’t want to miss. Make plans now to join the entire team for this special night.

Dates for Redford, Ohio, St. Louis and Traverse City will be announced soon.


Why do you work safely every day?

Safety is more than how we work…it’s about WHY we choose to live this way every day. We all have family, loved ones and friends counting on us to come home safely. As a team, we are committed to industry-leading safety standards. There’s no better reminder about your WHY than looking inside your hard hat at the start of each day.

There are still ten $25 prizes available for the MY WHY safety campaign! As a reminder, here’s how it works:

  • Your Division Manager or Superintendent gave you a “My WHY” safety sticker for your hard hat.
  • Write your WHY on it.
  • When you put on your hard hat every day, you’ll remember exactly WHY you’re working safely.
  • Take your hard hat & sticker home, and take a selfie with your family/friends/loved ones.
  • Winners will receive a promo code to shop online in the Kent Companies store.

Text your photo to the Safety team. Save their contact info to your phone.

  • Carl Aukeman 616-325-3598
  • David DeGraaf 616-430-7092
  • Todd Darling 616-291-3978

NEW! Safety Committees Launch in Redford and Ohio

We’re excited to announce the first safety committee meetings in Redford and Ohio this week! The local field teams are taking charge to help lead the development of safety programs in their own offices. We need perspectives and contributions from all members of the team so that our safety programs address the challenges and circumstances that you face every day. Stay tuned for more news and programs from these new committees!


Kudos to Division 810

The Safety Team sends a big kudos to Division 810, Lamont Hardge and Shaun Phelps for a successful MIOSHA safety inspection at the job site in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Kudos to Kent Companies Texas

Safety Manager Carson Greenlee reported that August 20th marked ONE YEAR since the last lost time injury in Texas. Keep up the positive momentum!

Kudos to Kent Companies Southeast

Safety Manager Butch Floyd reports that the KSE team is on a winning streak in 2010 with one first aid case and no OSHA recordables. Stay focused, stay safe and have a great finish for the year!

Division 110 Kudos – Studio Park

Kudos to the Division 110 team that worked hard (and after hours!) on the elevator shafts at Studio Park. This crew worked hard to make it happen to help meet deadlines for occupancy.

  • Nate Tarte
  • Teodoro Rocha
  • Marcelo Roman
  • Jesus Garcia-Mesa
  • Matt Gowzdz
  • Ben Hudson
  • Juan Orduna
  • Pablo Rocha
  • Rolando Sales

Division 110 Kudos – GVSU

Kudos to the team on the GVSU! Pioneer Construction’s Scott Veine gave us fantastic compliments on the performance of the entire team.

  • Baltazar Arellano
  • Heriberto Arellano
  • Jiarli Barrera Arellano
  • Francisco Arvizu
  • Logan Barendse
  • Cristian Barrera
  • Rudy Bartolon Rivera
  • Daniel Bowers
  • Salvador Calderon Sosa
  • Juan Ivan Cerda
  • Dave Cowley
  • Trevor Equimaux
  • Christopher Fahling
  • Samuel Frank
  • Jared Freeland
  • Angel Fuentes
  • Oscar Garcia Calderon
  • Benjamin Garcia
  • Jhovany Garcia
  • Antonio Gonzalez
  • Florentino Nava Gonzalez
  • Gerardo Gonzalez
  • Noel Gonzalez
  • Alejandro Gutierrez
  • Hernan Hernandez
  • Robert  Hilliard
  • Efrain Lopez Juarez
  • Casey Kazemier
  • Justin King
  • Chris Lapekas
  • Santos Lopez Juarez
  • Juan Lopez
  • Brandon Mannikko
  • Jose Maria-Arvizu
  • Fredy Martinez
  • Saul Martinez
  • Fredy Martinez-Mojica
  • Ecliserio Arellano Moreno
  • Jorge Najera
  • Clinton Lleneack
  • Sherman Payne
  • Black Peckham
  • Ederli Matias Perez
  • Pedro Perez
  • Santos Perez
  • Rick Reonicke
  • Phil Shafer
  • Rensso Calderon Sosa
  • Collin Spring
  • Benjamin Valdez Lopez
  • Juan Calderon Vargas
  • Jonathan West
  • Abel Zaizar
  • Ben Zemaitis



Division 110 – We Want Your Feedback on General Superintendents

We want to provide 360-degree feedback to our General Superintendents for their annual reviews. We’re asking for your honest feedback so that we can improve field leadership for Division 110. You only review the General Superintendents that you have experience working with. The survey is 100% anonymous.

Deadline for survey responses: THIS FRIDAY, August 30