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RED Code + Apps

Para leer este boletín en Español, abra el mensaje en su navegador y seleccione “Español” en el menú de idioma. En su teléfono, desplácese hasta la parte inferior para buscar el menú de idioma y seleccione “Español.”


Talking Safety with General Superintendent Daniel Gatica

The RED Code is our rule book for success. Hear from your colleagues about their mindset and the things they do every day to help build our team. Texas Multi-Family General Superintendent Daniel Gatica shares his experience in the field and why he makes safety a personal matter for his team every day.


Field Apps You Need: Desktop Browser

Having trouble viewing or navigating ExakTime on your field iPad or tablet? Get this app today!  Desktop Browser displays the mobile or the desktop version of a website. We know ExakTime can be difficult to navigate on mobile devices. Get the “Desktop Browser” app to help optimize ExakTime navigation and views on your field devices.

Click here to access Desktop Browser on iOS devices.

Division 110 – We Want Your Feedback on General Superintendents

We want to provide 360-degree feedback to our General Superintendents for their annual reviews. We’re asking for your honest feedback so that we can improve field leadership for Division 110. You only review the General Superintendents that you have experience working with. The survey is 100% anonymous.

Deadline for survey responses: Friday, August 30


My Why: More Winners & Photos to Share!

Congratulations to the following photos submissions! You qualified for $50 credit to the Kent Companies store!

  • Christian Colon Cortes
  • Aaron Paffhausen

Congrats to the following team members who earned $25 to shop in the Kent Companies store:

  • Max Gomez
  • Shaun Phelps
  • Sergio Gardiner
  • Mario Edwards
  • Pat Sullivan
  • Lamont Hardge
  • Tim Redwood

Shop online in the Kent Companies store, and the HR team will apply credit to your purchases. You can contact the HR team with questions.

There are still prizes available! As a reminder, here’s how it works:

  • Your Division Manager or Superintendent gave you a “My WHY” safety sticker for your hard hat.
  • Write your WHY on it.
  • When you put on your hard hat every day, you’ll remember exactly WHY you’re working safely.
  • Take your hard hat & sticker home, and take a selfie with your family/friends/loved ones.

Text your photo to the Safety team. Save their contact info to your phone.

  • Carl Aukeman 616-325-3598
  • David DeGraaf 616-430-7092
  • Todd Darling 616-291-3978

We’re going to show all photos at the fall Make it Happen events and on social media.


Toolbox Talk: Incident & Injury Reporting

  • ALL Injuries, no matter how minor, must be reported to your foreman or crew leader immediately. Your foreman or superintendent will direct you to a company approved medical facility.
  • If your foreman believes that your injury requires medical treatment, it will be your responsibility to promptly go to the recommended company approved medical clinic or you will be transported there for treatment. If you have a question, contact the safety team for help. Also, a safety manager should be contacted as soon as possible after any incident or injury.
    • Carl Aukeman 616-325-3598
    • David DeGraaf 616-430-7092
    • Todd Darling 616-291-3978
  • You are responsible to assist the Foreman / Superintendent in completing the Accident Investigation report, including first aid treatment, the root cause of the accident and what can be done to prevent re-occurrences of the injury.
  • Remember, our goal is not to use the reporting of an incident or injury to place blame. Our goal is to learn from each and every incident so we may be proactive in preventing injuries and incidents. If we don’t learn from our incidents, we will be destined to repeat them!