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KCI September Updates

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Division 110 – The Graduate  – East Lansing, MI

Submitted by Chris Fennema, VP Training & Development

Kudos to Dave Cowley’s crew, Kurt McEntaffer’s crew and Pat Sullivan’s crews on their work for Rockford Construction.Tom Chapin is running the crane.


Division 2710 – 335 Tremont – Charlotte, NC

Submitted by Dave Schoonbeck, COO

The Charlotte team continues to drive the transformation of the South End in Charlotte. Here’s their latest progress on Three30Five.

Read more about the new 60,000 SF development here:


Adding Safety While We’re Losing Daylight

As summer comes to an end, so do the long daylight hours on our job sites. You’ll have less light each morning when you arrive on the job. It’s important to plan for job site lighting in advance. Adequate lighting helps prevent traffic accidents, trip hazards and struck-by incidents. Proper lighting also ensures our work can be completed at our standard for productivity and quality.

September – Average sunrise times for the next week

  • Carolinas: 7:02am EST
  • Ohio: 7:08am EST
  • Michigan: 7:15am EST
  • St. Louis: 6:40am CST
  • Texas: 7:05am CST

Talk to your superintendent or foreman to address any lighting concerns on your job site. The safety team is always available to measure lighting conditions and help with solutions.


4 Tips to Make the Most of your Annual Review

Every Kent Companies employee receives an annual review in September. This is part of our commitment to provide on-going training and development opportunities for every member of our team. Your supervisor will contact you to schedule a review soon if they haven’t done so already. How can you make the most of your annual review?

Identify your responsibilities and then evaluate yourself.

Make a list of all your responsibilities at work and write a performance review of yourself in each of those areas. Stepping back and thinking through what and how you’ve done will help prepare you for the review.

Ask your peers for feedback on your performance.

This may sound like an odd suggestion—after all, you are about to get feedback from your boss—but not all of us are good at self-promotion. Ask some of your most trusted and closest peers at work what they think you do well. And you might be surprised at what they say, versus what you would say.

Take responsibility for performance that fell short.

One of the most important things you can do for your career is to take responsibility for the good and the bad when it comes to your performance. Think about places where you’re fallen short in the last year, and mistakes you made. Write down what you learned from it and the changes you have made or plan to make as a result.

Reference your last review and connect that to this one.

Your manager wants to know that these reviews aren’t a waste of time and that you are actually listening and acting on the feedback you receive. If you can show what you’ve been working on in the last year that is directly related to feedback you received at your last review, your manager will know you take evaluations seriously.  If this is your first review, think about how much you have learned about Kent Companies culture and operations since you started. What have you mastered and what more do you want to learn?

We offer training opportunities throughout the year. Prepare a short list of skills that you want to grow (craft, leadership, communication, language, etc.) and ask for opportunities to participate in training.

Source:, The Right Way to Prep for your Review.