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Para leer este boletín en Español, abra el mensaje en su navegador y seleccione “Español” en el menú de idioma. En su teléfono, desplácese hasta la parte inferior para buscar el menú de idioma y seleccione “Español.”

NEW! Text Message Updates – 474747

We get it. The RED Feed text messages sent from random numbers was a bit confusing. That’s why we’ve enhanced our group texting platform to bring you news in a simple format.

Starting today, all Kent Companies text messages will arrive from “474747.” Save “474747” as a new contact in your phone named “Kent Companies.” This will help your phone recognize and deliver legitimate Kent Companies text messages. If you have questions about the RED Feed email or text message newsletter, please email Leah Gradl or call 256-426-5026.


An Interview with Foreman Jason Rinaldi

What makes the Kent Companies team great? If you ask Charlotte Foreman Jason Rinaldi, he’ll tell you it’s the people, diversity, and the opportunity to learn something new every day.  The RED Code is our rule book for success. It’s how our leaders at all levels maintain the right perspective and the right practices to make something happen every day.


OSHA Focus Four: Struck-By

Struck-by injuries occur when an object comes into contact with a person with such force that it causes harm. It’s different from a caught in or -between injury because the impact is responsible for the injury. Remember the four common categories of struck-by hazards:

  1. Flying Object
  2. Falling Object
  3. Swinging Object
  4. Rolling Object

Remember to consider weather conditions while working outdoors. Adverse winds, heavy rain and snow can all contribute to objects becoming irregularly mobile and causing injury. Your safety managers are always available to help address job site hazards and to answer questions on your job site.

Ohio Safe Driving Class

The Strasburg team completed a safe driving class with Hanover Insurance. Thanks to Chris Berhard from Hanover for a great presentation. We appreciate everyone’s time and attention to make our travel safer.