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My Why Winners, Construction Math & More

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First Winners in the “My WHY” Safety Program

Congratulations to the following photos submissions! You qualified for $50 credit to the Kent Companies store!

  • Dwyane Westbrook
  • Gary Sager
  • Josh Austin
  • Jeff French
  • Reuben Musialek
  • Jeremy Schieber
  • Chris Lapekas
  • Zachary Boyd

Shop online in the Kent Companies store, and the HR team will apply credit to your purchases. Contact the HR team with questions.

There are still prizes available! As a reminder, here’s how it works:

  • Your Division Manager or Superintendent gave you a “My WHY” safety sticker for your hard hat.
  • Write your WHY on it.
  • When you put on your hard hat every day, you’ll remember exactly WHY you’re working safely.
  • Take your hard hat & sticker home, and take a selfie with your family/friends/loved ones.

Text your photo to the Safety team. Save their contact info to your phone.

  • Carl Aukeman 616-325-3598
  • David DeGraaf 616-430-7092
  • Todd Darling 616-291-3978

The next two photo submissions get $50 credit to the Kent Companies store. The following 20 photo submissions get $25 credit to the Kent Companies store. We’re going to show all photos at the fall Make it Happen events and on social media.


Construction Math – This Friday, August 16th at 2pm

If you or someone on your crew would like to brush up on your construction math skills, this Friday we will offer our monthly Construction Math class in the Training Room in Grand Rapids. The start time is 2pm and the class will end between 3:30pm-4pm at the latest.

Class topics:

  1. How to Read a Tape Measure (quick refresher from Day Zero Training)
  2. Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  3. Adding and Subtracting Drawing Dimensions
  4. Calculating Area (Square Feet) and Volume (Cubic Yards)

As a reminder, this is PAID training.

Click here to reserve your place in class. For questions, contact Chris Fennema by calling 616-534-4909.

HR News & Helpful Reminders

Grand Rapids Staffing Updates:

  • We’re excited to announce the following team updates as we grow to better serve our employees and customers. Welcome Jennifer Valdez to the front office in Grand Rapids. Jennifer creates a positive and welcoming impression for all guests and callers, and she is able to provide assistance in English and Spanish. Amy Vega is now working in Human Resources. Laurel Smitter now supports the executive and marketing teams.


  • Do you need your PTO balance? Contact the HR team by calling 616-534-4909 to get your total hours of paid time off.
  • Online 401K access is easy. Check out the Website Log in Instructions and the mobile app instructions to access your account. You need to enable set up your web account first before accessing the app. Contact HR with questions.

Performance Reviews – September 2019

Performance reviews are a very important part of our people-focused culture. We know our team craves feedback. It’s a critical tool for career development, performance and engagement. Every employee will have a review in the month of September. Over the coming weeks your supervisor will contact you to schedule your annual review.  You can prepare by making a list of questions for your manager; thinking about training that will help you develop your skills; and setting goals for the upcoming year. This is your time to help shape your career at Kent Companies.

Click here for a sample field team performance review.


Facilities Services – GRAM

Submitted by Zach Richmond, Sales Associate

Kudos to the team working at the Godfrey warehouse for GRAM (Grand River Aseptic Manufacturing) a pharmaceutical development and testing firm. The Facilities Services team was on site to remove and replace a six square foot concrete slab. The job required precision, cleanliness and environmental controls because of finished goods stored adjacent to the work area.

Here’s what the customer had to say:

“Your crew did an awesome job. Chris, Raul, CJ, and David really showed up to work. The atmosphere within the plastic sheeting enclosure changed drastically. Following the 2 hrs of saw-cutting, as Raul stepped out of the enclosure, he could feel the moisture in his socks.  As I stuck my head within the enclosure, my glasses fogged-up!  It was close to 100 degrees/100% humidity in there!!

My colleagues shared, “They are doing a surprisingly good job keeping things clean.” That said, I’m so glad you sent us the “A” team.  I’d work with those four fellows any time! I love to catch guys doing their job well – and, they did not disappoint. Thanks to Kent Companies for a job well done.”