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KCTX Awards, Kudos & Project Profiles

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Is Your Payroll Withholding Up to Date?

Important News-Please Read!

Your personal tax situation may have changed with the recent tax reform. Check your withholding to ensure you are withholding the right amount by using the link below. If you withhold too little, you could face a tax bill or tax penalty in 2019. Withholding the right amount could help you receive more in each paycheck, but a smaller tax refund.  If you need to make changes, please contact your local HR representatives for details.

IRS Withholding Calculator

Open for Business: Kent Companies Expands to Columbus, Ohio

Division 3210 celebrated the official opening of its new Columbus, Ohio office in June 2018. The office will support the underlayments crews’ operations throughout the Columbus area and southern Ohio. Vice President Josh McKenzie shared, “I’m excited to expand our Ohio footprint. This is about growth and improving customer service. We will be closer to our customers, which means we’re able to react faster to their project needs. By housing our product in our own warehouse, we won’t be held hostage by outside trucking companies. We are able to make this move because our team delivers on the Four Hallmarks for every customer, every day.”


How to Stay Hydrated in Extreme Summer Heat

Summer temperatures are getting hotter across our job sites nationwide. Staying hydrated is key to working safely in extreme temperatures. Our West Michigan safety consultant SWMGT shared the following message with our team.

Click here to watch a short video with easy and informative hydration strategies.

Kent Companies Texas Wins Two Awards

The American Subcontractors Association – North Texas Chapter recognized Kent Companies Texas with a Platinum Project Award for Lakeside DFW in the $8-$10 million category, and the team earned a Safety Award of Excellence in Division II.  Lakeside DFW encompassed three projects for the Multi-Family Division on one job site: Nexus Lakeside, Overture Flower Mound and Lakeside Parkway in Flower Mound, Texas. Daily manpower often surged to over 70 personnel per day on average, at times hitting 90 or more concrete professionals on site.

Angel Alvarez, Vice President of Multi-Family Operations, shared, “Our field leadership team truly delivered on this project. Senior General Superintendent Victor Freeman and Superintendent Felix Lopez developed a strategic plan to meet the manpower required for this project. They worked with Alfredo Pedroza and multiple assistant superintendents to expand the structure and reach of field leadership across three demanding projects.

Carson Greenlee, Kent Companies Safety Coordinator, accepted the Safety Award of Excellence. Kent Companies Texas consistently reduced its EMR over the past three years as total employee hours exceeded one million hours annually. Greenlee shared, “Safety is our first priority. We deliver on our promise with training, safety stand-downs and increased presence in the field. Our work in this area is never complete.”

Click here to read the official story.


Division 1910 – Firing on All Cylinders

Submitted by Duane Andrus, Vice President

Kudos to the entire Division 1910 team. We continue to receive compliments from both commercial and residential clients alike. Kalamazoo Homeowner Dar Perkins recently wrote to share how happy he was with Mike Dulyea and his crew on their professionalism and the results of his project. Kimberly Plummer recently sent kudos on a new construction project that entailed 22 piers. She shared, “Kachine Creg was a blessing to work with and the full team has been outstanding.”

Sales Representative Rick Silvis recently shared compliments he received about Tom Creg and his team on a project in South Haven. “Tom was methodical, organized and did just a fantastic job keeping the guys going and always thinking about the next steps. Our customers are always impressed by our team and their productivity.”

Kudos to the entire Division 1910 team. Keep up the great work!


Project Profile: 50 Monroe – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Divisions 310 – Underlayments

Division 3110 – Building Restoration 

It was Division 310’s very first project over thirty years ago. At one point someone said, “Dig a hole and bury the pump.”

What began as a frustration (a broken pump and countless other issues) turned into source of pride for the team today. 50 Monroe is a century-old building in downtown Grand Rapids. It’s undergoing another revitalization under the direction of CWD Real Estate Investment. Both the Underlayments and Building Restoration teams are contributing to this project.

In the 1980’s, Division 310 helped consolidate the three buildings at 50 Monroe into one property. Today, the Kent team is working with general contractor Owen-Ames-Kimball to separate the property into an AC Marriott and a modern office complex. 

Division 310’s scope of work covers seven total floors. The team poured one floor of Maxxon Level-Right® LDF and followed it with 70,000 total square feet of one-inch average Dura‑Cap 4,000+ psi for the new AC Marriott Hotel. Meeting elevation points in the historic building was difficult, and the team often worked in early morning hours to avoid a congested work space. With little to no staging area, the crew maintained an incredibly clean and organized job site.

Kudos to Kurt Kruithoff, Kasey Kruithoff, Tyler Struble, Willie Buchanan Jr., Matt Pair and Jeff Dulyea for their commitment to the Four Hallmarks. As a result of their work, subsequent trades have a smooth, flat floor for framing and interior work.

Division 3110’s work followed the Division 310 team. The masonry restoration team is completing 45,000 square feet of tuck-pointing, including a lot of brick removal and replacement. Kent’s masonry restoration specialists are infilling openings and creating new openings throughout the property. Approximately 50,000 bricks will be replaced.

Safety, Productivity, Quality and Customer Service all set the stage for this historic building revitalization.