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KTX September Updates

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You’re Invited – Annual Employee Appreciation Events 

Important Updates – Lunch – Cash Giveaways – Gifts

We’d like to say Thank You to our entire team at the annual Kent Companies Employee Appreciation Meeting!  A hot buffet lunch is available at 11am.

When you arrive, please make your lunch plate and grab a seat right away! Be there on time! Our program will begin quickly.

Kent Companies Gives Back:

Bring 1 bag of candy to donate to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County for a chance to win $500 cash. We’ll make a BIG candy delivery just in time for the fall family festival for the children served by the advocacy center. Learn more about each child’s “blue light moment” by clicking here.

Austin Team:

Friday, September 27, 2019

11am – 1:00pm

Gather Venues – Monroe

411 W Monroe St, Austin, TX 78704

Dallas Team:

Saturday, September 28, 2019

11am – 1:00pm

Eddie Dean’s Ranch

944 S Lamar Street, Dallas, TX 75202


Adding Safety While We’re Losing Daylight

As summer comes to an end, so do the long daylight hours on our job sites. You’ll have less light each morning when you arrive on the job. It’s important to plan for job site lighting in advance. Adequate lighting helps prevent traffic accidents, trip hazards and struck-by incidents. Proper lighting also ensures our work can be completed at our standard for productivity and quality.

September – Average sunrise times for the next week

  • Carolinas: 7:02am EST
  • Ohio: 7:08am EST
  • Michigan: 7:15am EST
  • St. Louis: 6:40am CST
  • Texas: 7:05am CST

Talk to your superintendent or foreman to address any lighting concerns on your job site. The safety team is always available to measure lighting conditions and help with solutions.