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KSE August Updates

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10 New Certified Riggers in Charlotte

Special thanks to those who completed the Certified Rigger’s training last week. Thanks to Butch Floyd for facilitating.
This is another important step in bringing Safety and Quality to our job sites and setting Kent Companies apart from the others. Nice job job team!

  • Lee Blackmon
  • Mark Boone
  • Axel Rodriguez
  • Jim Andrisko
  • Carlos Aleman
  • Larry Mills
  • Daniel Balderas
  • Roque Garcez
  • Jonas Flores
  • David Gilliam

KSE Safety Bulletin Recap

Submitted by Butch Floyd, Safety Manager

We are doing a great job with safety this year! We have only one first aid and zero OSHA recordables for 2019. We have only 126 days left in 2019, and we can make it through the year with no injuries or recordables.

  • Stay focused!
  • Follow procedures!
  • Take no chances!
  • Correct any and all unsafe conditions immediately!


  • Who is the most important person on your job site?
  • Who is the most important person to your family?
  • Stop and Take Two to protect yourself on the job always!

NEW! Safety Committees Launch in Redford and Ohio

We’re excited to announce the first safety committee meetings in Redford and Ohio this week! The local field teams are taking charge to help lead the development of safety programs in their own offices. We need perspectives and contributions from all members of the team so that our safety programs address the challenges and circumstances that you face every day. Stay tuned for more news and programs from these new committees!


Kudos to Division 810

The Safety Team sends a big kudos to Division 810, Lamont Hardge and Shaun Phelps for a successful MIOSHA safety inspection at the job site in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Kudos to Kent Companies Texas

Safety Manager Carson Greenlee reported that August 20th marked ONE YEAR since the last lost time injury in Texas. Keep up the positive momentum!