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KSE PTO Updates + Photos

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FAQ: Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy

Earlier this year, Kent Companies announced a new Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy to make PTO easier to understand (and to comply with employment legislation). We want to help you understand the policy and how your PTO is granted.

As always, the Human Resources and Payroll team is available for your questions.

  • What is the KCI and KSE PTO Policy? Why the change?

In the past, your PTO reset on your employment anniversary date. This was difficult and labor intensive to track. Under the new system, PTO will reset on January 1 each year. This is easy for everyone to track and remember. You will receive your full PTO amount on January 1 beginning 1/1/2020, and each January thereafter.

  • What is my PTO balance for 2019?

In 2019, we are transitioning to the new PTO tracking system. This means that we will pro-rate the vacation you receive for the rest of 2019 when your anniversary date hits. You are receiving the SAME PTO BENEFITS that you have always received; we are simply syncing each employee to match the January 1 calendar year.

For example:

Mindy Curtiss has an anniversary date of August 24, and she gets 40 hours of paid time off. In 2019, in August she will get 16 hours (this is the prorated amount for August through December) AND she will get 40 hours again in January 2020. By granting her 2020 PTO on January 1, she is getting access to her PTO hours eight months earlier than in the past!

  • How do I find out my PTO balance?

You can contact the Human Resources team at any time to check your bank of PTO hours.

Call 616-534-4909 and ask for Sarah Miller or Amy Vega.

  •  What are the benefits of the new PTO system?

First, it is easy to track and remember your PTO because it will always reset on January 1.

Second, you receive your full PTO balance earlier every year!

Third, you can carry over up to 40 hours of PTO into the next year. Anything more than that will be paid out after the last paycheck of the year.

Click here to download the Kent Companies Inc. Paid Time Off Policy.


The Railyard Apartments – Charlotte, SC

Edifice shared an aerial view of the post-tension decks at the Railyard Apartments.


5 Days Left! Nominate Your Favorite Charity Today!

Kent Companies Gives Back is how we fulfill our mission to give back in the communities where we build every day. All employees are welcome to nominate their favorite non-profit organizations to receive a charitable contribution from Kent Companies. Each year, we make over 30 grants across the country. YOU help us decide where we give!

Nominations are accepted through April 30, 2019.

Click here to nominate a charity for a gift.

New this year, an employee committee will help evaluate all nominations. You can volunteer to help with this process in your local office. The time commitment is one meeting (in person or virtual) in early May. Contact Leah Gradl with questions.


Division 110 – Western Michigan University

Check out the latest progress at Western Michigan University, courtesy of Project Engineer Jacob Otto.