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Make a Wish, Videos & Updates

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Kent Gives Back: Building a Tree House for Wish Kid Alexander

When Division 1610 heard about a little boy’s wish for a tree house, they didn’t hesitate to Make it Happen. Jason Harrall, José Vargas, Steve DeVries and the 1610 team worked with their suppliers and Make a Wish Michigan to design and build a towering two-story tree house for Alexander. Even better – they outfitted Alexander in proper PPE and named him an honorary Kent Companies team member for the project.

The tree house includes a porch, twisting slide, and a trap door to a secret compartment! If you missed this video launch over the holidays, watch the full story below.

Granting this wish wasn’t easy; the team had to troubleshoot throughout the project. There were no trees in Alexander’s yard, so the team poured concrete columns for the tree trunks. They built the tree house at ground level so that Alex could help with the build. They lifted the house into place carefully, maneuvering within tight property and utility lines.

We’re grateful for our team members’ commitment to giving back, and we know this wish will have a lifelong impact on Alexander and his family.


Congratulations to our Weekly Winners!

Erik & Lee just won $250 each for their videos. Read on to see how you can participate too!

FAQ on the Level Up Safety Challenge

Safety is our first priority, and it starts with you! This video challenge is designed to highlight all of the ways we stay safe on the job. Submit a video for a chance to win up to $250 each week!

Q: What are you looking for in a Level Up Safety Video?

We are looking for videos that are short, about 30-60 seconds. Videos don’t need a lot of detail. We want to see the simple, easy things you do to be safe every day.

Simply state: “My name is _________ and I work for Kent Companies in (city/state ). This is how I level up for safety…”

A few topic ideas:

  • Back injury protection and lifting
  • Traffic safety
  • Watch out for slip, trip, and fall hazards
  • Be my brother’s keeper
  • Maintain eyes on path/job at all times
  • Inspections
  • Machine safety
  • Ladder safety

Q: How do I send in a video for the contest?

Text or email your video to your safety manager.

Q: What do the other videos look like?

There are over 25 different safety videos in the collection.

Click here to access a YouTube Playlist with ALL of the Level Up safety videos.

Click here to access the complete contest page with all details and videos (English).

Desafío de Seguridad – en Español.

Day Zero Training Resources – Available to All!

At the Fall Make it Happen events, we announced a new Day Zero Training Program for all new hires. This program focuses on safety and hands-on training to build a strong foundation for success on our team.

A collection of 12 tool training videos and orientation resources are posted on the Kent Companies website. Tool training is available in English and Spanish.

Click here for Day Zero Training & Video Resources.

Visit the new professional development and training pages for the latest opportunities to learn new skills.


Division 1610 – Blain’s Farm & Fleet

General Contractor: Healy Construction

The Traverse City team completed an extensive concrete pour for a new building for Blain’s Farm & Fleet. The project included 110,000 square feet of slab with 1,700 total cubic yards of concrete. The team completed a 15,000 square foot pour on a peak production day. Kudos to Jason Harrall and crew for your commitment to productivity!



Division 3110 – Hope College Dimenent Chapel

Kudos to Brian Embree, Jesse Lane and Dustin Nagelkirk for collaborating on a win at Hope College. The Restoration Division performed repairs to an elevated concrete beam/slab structure in the Dimenent Chapel during winter break. Hope College Maintenance & Construction Manager Kelly Bublitz shared, “The project looks great. The team was great to work with and very respectful of our facility. Please tell them they did a great job, and I enjoyed working with them again.”