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Pathfinders 04 – Four Hallmarks

What are the Four Hallmarks & why are they important?

Our Four Hallmarks are Safety, Productivity, Quality and Customer Service. They define every Kent Companies’ work on every job site nationwide. We know our customers expect us to be problem solvers and to drive the schedule on their job sites. We do that by delivering in these key areas.

  • Safety: We perform a daily job hazard analysis to identify and address safety issues before they become a problem. We use the right tool for the job. We watch out for our team mates because they’re also watching out for us. We have a safety team that is an awesome resource for training, procedures and job site questions.
  • Productivity: We are the most productive contractor on site. We work 480 minutes for 8 hours of pay. We’re ready to work from the moment we set foot on the job.
  • Quality: When our concrete looks good, our customers look good, and we look good. We manage the details so that our work meets customer specifications.
  • Customer Service: We are our customer’s partner and problem-solver. We look for ways to solve problems rather than complain about them.

Here’s a key point to remember:

  • The Four Hallmarks define our work on the outside. They are visible qualities and you can see the evidence on the job.
  • The RED Code defines our character on the inside. It’s how we plan, prepare and perform on the job with integrity.

Pathfinder Questions:

  • What is the most important hallmark and why?
  • What examples of the Four Hallmarks have you seen already?
  • Who sets a good example for the Four Hallmarks on your crew?
  • Which area would you like to learn more about? Where do you want to improve?