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Pathfinders 06 – EAC

What is the EAC (Employee Assistance Center)?

The EAC is a free employment benefit for full-time employees (after 90 days of employment). You can access professional counseling and resources to help with life’s challenges (like personal problems, death of a loved one, alcoholism, marital pressure, financial stress).

What does it cost?

Initial appointments at the EAC are available free of charge Trained professional counselors will help you identify and, in many cases, help empower you to solve your problems or refer you to area providers who can help.  Out-of-pocket costs, if any, from referrals are often covered by your health care insurance.

How do I access the Employee Assistance Center?

User Name:

  • KCI employees:  Use “KCI”
  • KCSE employees: Use “KCSE”

 Pathfinder Questions:

  • Are you familiar with how to access EAC information?
  • Can you give your mentee 1-2 examples of real-life situations that would be a good reason to use the EAC resources?