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Pathfinders 2020-01 RED Code

The RED Code: Show Up Early, Be Ready

At Kent Companies, we believe in “480 minutes of work for 8 hours of pay”. That means showing up to your job site a few minutes early so that you’re ready to start the day on time.

Showing up early can greatly impact what kind of day you’ll have. You’ll show your foreman that you’re fully prepared, and you’ll have time to ask questions about safety, daily goals, and productivity.

Here’s a few reasons why you should show up early and be ready every day:

  • Not everyone will show the initiative to show up early, but for those that do, you’ll have more time to get organized and be ready for whatever the day may bring. Showing up early shows initiative, and by showing initiative, you’re showing the building blocks of leadership material.
  • Kent Companies is a merit-based team, which means we reward our team on their contributions to the entire project. Preparation means you can make a bigger impact and share in the rewards of a safe, profitable project.
  • Stretch and Flex. Stretch and Flex exercises leads to less work site accidents, healthier employees and more productive days. By being prompt in the mornings, you’ll have time for a solid warm up.

All of these things added together give us one more great benefit: less stress. Nothing’s worse than starting the day off by being late, forgetting your tools, or being the last to know important details. It’s simple, but being a few minutes early and ready to start on time lets your supervisors know that you’re the right person for the job.

Pathfinder Question: What are your tips for getting ready & fully prepared for each work day?