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Pathfinders 2020-02 Level Up Safety Challenge

What is the Level Up Safety Challenge?

Job site safety is our first priority. We know that our team members on the front lines have the best ideas about how to make our job sites safer. The Level Up Safety Challenge is a video competition where we all share the simple, easy things we do to make our jobs safer.

Last year, over 40 videos were submitted by the field team. The videos were 15 to 30 second tips about PPE, safe tool use and fixing simple job hazards.

When is the Level Up Safety Challenge?

  • 4 weeks starting January 13 and running through February 7th.

How do you participate?

  • Use your phone to record a short safety tip. (around 30 seconds or less)
  • Tell us your name and what job site you’re working on.
  • Be safe! You must be wearing all PPE in your video. You can only record before/after work or at a safe stopping point.
  • Text or email your video to your local safety manager.

What’s in it for you?

  • The first 5 videos submitted each week get $50. A $500 grand prize is awarded to the best video overall (judged by the safety managers), and a $250 wild card is up for grabs too.
  • We share our videos online, on the RED Feed and on social media.

Read more about the Level Up Safety Challenge and see last year’s videos by clicking here: