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Pathfinders 2020-04 Cold Weather Construction

Working Safely During the Coldest Winter Months

If you are working outside any length of time during the winter months, you don’t need to be reminded on how harsh the winter can feel.  It is extremely important to dress the part.

Cold weather construction reminders:

  • Layer clothing. Light-weight layers can be shed or put back on as the temperature changes. Remove layers to prevent perspiring that can lead to chills. (wet clothing is 20 times less warm than dry clothes) Also be sure to wear hats and gloves. Multiple layers of wool, alpaca, or cotton socks work well. Last, check clothing for any entanglement hazards.
  • Use a buddy system. Recognize danger signs of shivering, slurred speech, clumsy movement, fatigue, and confusion. These are signs of hypothermia.
  • Drink water, warm sugary beverages, and sports drinks. Avoid caffeine and energy drinks.
  • Keep safety glasses from fogging up. Use anti fog wipes.
  • Get plenty of rest after work.

If you notice skin turning red, then purple, then white – that is frost bite. Contact your foreman and safety manager for help. You can always call your safety manager after hours, and they should be your first resource for any job-related incidents, injuries or questions.

Pathfinder Questions: Do you have your safety managers saved as contacts in your phone?