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Pathfinders 2020-09 Managing Details

Managing the Details

No matter what role you play on our team, organization is key. Our best superintendents, foremen and crew leaders spent time planning and preparing before each work day. This helps the entire team have a more successful day in the field. Here are a few ways our top players manage the details:

  • Get everything in writing. If it isn’t in writing, it didn’t happen at all. Document all change orders and customer requests to make sure we cover our bases.
  • Two-Week Plans & Look Aheads: Planning for daily, weekly and monthly goals is an on-going process. Breaking down big goals into achievable daily projects is how we make it happen for our customers.
  • Ask questions: If you don’t understand your task or how to do it safely, ASK! By taking a few minutes to ask, you are able to perform the job the right way, safely and at the quality we need for our customers.
  • Organization: Every day, no matter what, take the time to organize your work area. Make sure tools and materials are where they belong BEFORE the work begins, and clean up completely at the end of the day. A clean job site is a safe, efficient job site.

Pathfinder question: What are your best practices for managing the details on the job site?