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Pathfinders 2020-11 PTO

How to request time off

Requesting Paid Time Off is easy, and the process starts by talking to your manager first.

  • PTO (Paid Time Off, which may also be known as Time Off or Vacation Time) is only granted to those employees who have been employed here for 90 days. (Pro Tip: As a new hire, mark your 90-day anniversary and 1-year anniversary in your calendar.)
  • Clear your request with your supervisor. Requests can be denied by supervisors during peak season (generally May 1st – September 30th) and for a number of other reasons as well. PTO is also not granted to employees on suspension.
  • Make sure you put your request in as early as possible. Typically, 2 weeks advanced notice is professional courtesy. Remember, just because you have PTO doesn’t mean it can be used whenever you’d like. Short notice can mean your request is denied.
  • Once you’ve cleared your plans with your supervisor, all requests should be submitted online by going to From there, you’ll go to the right side of the screen and click ‘Employee Links’
  • Enter the Password: redtothecore
  • Click on Vacation Request, which is the first icon.
  • After that, it’s easy. Just fill out the required information, confirm that you’ve notified your supervisor of your request, and submit.

Key Tips:

You may find yourself needing to supplement your paycheck with PTO or sick time. Keep in mind that this is the location for both. As a general rule of thumb, PTO is allocated on January 1st for the entire calendar year for qualified employees. Please contact Human Resources if you have more questions about this.

Finally, all attempts should first be made online. If you’re having difficulty, please see your administrator or supervisor for help. Contacting payroll directly should only be done after all other avenues have been attempted.