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RED Code-Angel Ramirez + TX Project Updates

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Angel Ramirez & the Golden Rule

The RED Code is our rule book for success at Kent Companies. General Superintendent Angel Ramirez from the Dallas Multi-Family Division shares his perspective on leadership and treating others the way you want to be treated.



Open enrollment is going on now through June 30th.

Open enrollment is the only time of the year when you can freely enroll in or make changes to your medical, dental and other insurance benefits. Otherwise, you have to wait for a “qualifying life event” (like getting married or having a baby) to make changes to your insurance plan. If you need to make changes to your insurance, retirement contributions or related benefits, now is the time.

Contact Human Resources before June 30th:

  • Grand Rapids, Traverse City, St. Louis: Sarah Miller
  • Redford: Liz Schwendemann
  • Ohio: Laura Armstrong
  • Southeast: Crystal McLaughlin
  • Texas: Tanya Escobedo


Kent Companies Texas – Commercial Division

Project: Duke Lakeside 350

  • Estimator: Erasmo Jaoquin
  • GC: Duke Development
  • 300K SF Tilt Wall Warehouse with 300K SF Paving

Project: AA Mobility

  • Estimator: Wes Marek
  • GC: Holder Construction
  • 150K SF of Decorative Color & Top Cast Paving

Project: Shutterfly Plano

  • Estimator: Jeff Baty
  • GC: Raymond Construction
  • 200K SF Tilt wall Warehouse with 300K SF Paving


Kent Companies Texas – Commercial Division

Project: Fossil Creek Buildings 3 & 4, Fort Worth, Texas

Submitted by Drew Holloway, Project Manager
  • Owner: Johnson Development Associates.
  • GC: Arch-Con Corporation
  • Project Team: Luis Mendez, General Superintendent; Jesus Barboza, Superintendent; Drew Holloway, Project Manager

The Commercial Division is building two tilt-wall buildings with congruent project schedules at Fossil Creek. Despite heavy rains, tight job sites and tight schedules, the project team pushed the project three weeks ahead of schedule without compromising quality. The Arch-Con team continues to send their thanks and compliments to the entire team for their commitment to safety, productivity, quality and customer service.

Fossil Creek – by the Numbers (totals between both buildings):

  • Slab on Grade: 314,475 SF
  • Piers: 237
  • Tilt Wall Panels: 144 panels; 13,3409 SF total
  • Paving: 298,620 SF total
  • City Walks: 19,656 SF
  • Private Walks: 2,092 SF



Toolbox Talk: Avoiding the Time Crunch

Rushing at any job is a breeding ground for accidents. Statistics from one insurance company show that 92 percent of the time, the reason accidents occur is because workers aren’t doing their tasks properly because they are rushing, taking short cuts or skipping steps.

Rushing is human nature.

  • It’s human nature to want to get a job done as quickly as possible.
  • Many of us also grew up being told that it’s important to accomplish as much as we can.
  • But what we often aren’t told is that rushing can result in accidents, errors, and more time spent in the long run.

We need to do our jobs correctly and safely. Be aware of your tendency to rush and the consequences.

The consequences of being in too much of a hurry are:

  •  Accidents involving yourself and co-workers
  •  Mistakes which can result in unhappy customers
  •  Rework
  •  Product damage or loss, and poor quality work

Rushing can also have long-term consequences including:

  • Serious injury and long-term pain
  • Costly medical bills
  • The possibility of a disabling injury, putting you out of work
  • The loss of income from being out of work
  • At worst, a fatality!

Don’t sacrifice job site safety for a time crunch. Ask for help and instruction to complete the job in the safest way. Your safety managers are always available to answer your questions.