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Responsibility: Put Safety First. Always.

An Interview with Charlotte Foreman Jason Burdette

We build our culture by talking about it. Foreman Jason Burdette shares his perspective on running a safe job site. Maintaining awareness, asking questions and taking time to do the job safely are all a part of our code.


The Pearl – Austin Texas

Submitted by Superintendent Alberto Maldanado


Houses of Hope

Kent Companies Project Manager Completes 10-Day Mission in Kenya

“It was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been, and I’d absolutely go back.” When Kent Companies Project Manager Stephen Clark describes his 10-day mission trip to Ahero, Kenya, you can hear the gratitude in his voice. He spent nearly two weeks away from his wife and three small children (including his 3-month old daughter) to volunteer for Houses of Hope. The mission trip gave him life-changing perspective.

Clark participated in a mission trip organized by the North Carolina Baptists on Mission and the Baptist Convention of Kenya. He was part of a small team that built four houses in four days. His team also visited several schools and an orphanage. They bought and prepared enough food to feed 150 kids. “We fed the children as fast as we could,” shared Clark. “Many of them would stuff food in their pockets, and then beg for more. Most people think they’re trying to save food for later. In reality, they’re trying to get just a little more food to take home to share with their family.”

At one point in the trip, Clark feared he was becoming seriously ill. After a small meal at a local pastor’s home, he realized he was experiencing the onset of malnourishment. “I was so hungry I hurt.” Clark noted that there is rarely enough food for an individual child in Ahero, let alone an entire family.

He recounted his most memorable moment on the trip, “Our third build was for a widow with five children. They had one egg laying hen. The egg from that hen was usually all the family got to eat for the day. She killed and cooked the chicken for us to eat.” The gesture humbled Clark and filled his team with gratitude.

He shared a bright side to the story, “Earlier that day, we purchased two chickens and a mattress to take back to a previous house. Instead, we gave the two chickens and the mattress to the widow. I watched as five kids laid down on a mattress instead of a dirt floor for the first time in their lives. (Later,  we bought more supplies to take to the original destination.)”

According to the North Carolina Baptists on Mission website, mission teams assist in the construction of houses for families in extenuating need. The recipients of the houses are determined by the local village, and are usually widows, women who have been abandoned by their husbands, or someone with a disability. Often, these families are unable to keep their houses up to safe, sanitary standards. The house-building project brings the community together for service to one of its members and exposes them to the Gospel through a house dedication service. Local pastors are active in planning, conducting, and follow-up of each project.

Clark is grateful for the opportunity to put his building skills to use for people in need. He’s quick to share that he gained far more than he gave.

Kent Companies Gives Back sponsored a portion of Clark’s mission trip.


Kent Companies Announces Expansions in North Texas & the Carolinas

Did you see the news this past week?

We officially announced the Single-Family Residential Division in Dallas/Fort Worth and Division 4010 (Underlayments) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In Texas, our expansion into the single-family market builds on our team’s successful track record as the premier place and finish concrete contractor for high-density mixed-use and garden-style residential properties. Executive Vice President Angel Alvarez shared, “We serve national and regional multi-family builders and developers throughout the DFW and Austin market. They know our team and our work are consistently defined by safety, productivity, quality and customer service.”

Alvarez continued, “We’re applying the same principles to the single-family detached housing market. Our field leadership delivers the highest quality residential slabs with safe, clean and well-organized job sites. We know the area’s leading home builders need to capture homeowner’s confidence from the ground up.”

In Charlotte, the underlayments division is a strategic expansion to offer more comprehensive services on multi-family and commercial projects. We’re leveraging our 30+ years of experience installing underlayments throughout the Midwest to launch this new division. Division Manager Nathan Myers is leading business development, estimating and operations activities for the division.

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Safety First – My Why

How to Save Money on Medical Care at Home

If you have a work-related incident or injury, your safety managers should always be your first call. They will help you determine the best steps to treat your injury appropriately.  But, what about seeking medical care at home? What can you do to save money? Remember these tips from HR:

  1. Get established at a family doctor. Find a family doctor that is covered by our health insurance network. This will ensure you have the lowest possible co-pays when you need to be seen.
  2. If you don’t have a family doctor, choose an urgent care center. Under most health insurance plans, an urgent care visit is a $50 co-pay. An emergency room visit is a $150 co-pay. The emergency room should be reserved for just that – true emergencies.

When you take advantage of your benefits and resources, you can save time, money and frustration. Your safety is first priority. Contact your safety managers with questions about medical care for work-related activities. Contact Human Resources for help with your medical benefits.