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Dallas Office Entry – Decorative Concrete

Submitted by Victor Freeman, Operations Manager

A new canopy, decorative concrete walkways and accessible parking welcome guests to Kent Companies Texas! Thank you to the Multi-Family crews who shared their talent on this project.

Central Texas – CPR & AED Training

Submitted by Santana Gurrola, Safety Engineer

Compliance training for our team helps make our job sites safer. Thanks to the team members who completed CPR/AED training this month.


Division 110 – Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

Drone Operator: Jacob Otto, Project Engineer

The Grand Rapids Home for Veterans is a 93-acre, state-owned campus featuring four single-story, 29,000-square-foot buildings, each with 32 private residences. The Division 110 team will install 247 column pads, 7,100+ LF of strip footing and 7,100+ LF of frost walls, and over 147,000+ SF of slab on grade.


Career Exposure Day with Crossroads Alternative High School

Kudos to the field leaders and recruitment team that hosted students from Crossroads Alternative High School. The students had an incredible hands-on experience learning about carer opportunities in concrete construction. Our thanks go to Mark Dahl, Jorge Najera, Carl Aukeman, Steve Westrate, Ted Greenland, Eric Lokers, Mindy Curtiss and Amy Vega.


Division 110 – The Graduate, Lansing, MI


Division 2710 – Union Power – Jason Rinaldi & Crew

Submitted by Butch Floyd, Safety Manager

During one of my last site inspections/walk throughs at Union Power, I went into Jason Rinaldi’s job trailer to check it out and was very pleasantly surprised. The housekeeping, organization, and general orderliness of the trailer was quite impressive. I’ve inspected countless trailers and Conexes and it’s very seldom to find one in such good shape and condition.

The orderliness helps to protect ourselves and our employees from accidents in the trailer by keeping everything in its place with no slip, trip, & fall hazards on the floor, no items ready to fall off of a shelf, no Sawzall blades sticking out to cut someone, etc.

This level of organization also helps to increase production and the maintenance of our tools. When someone goes to the trailer for a tool, they shouldn’t have to look around trying to find something. Everything should have its place! It is a significant waste of production time when trying to find tools. This is also a huge testament to the way Jason and his crew are performing their work and the pride they have in a job well done.

If the trailer is this organized and neat, we can rest assured their work is high quality also. The next time you see Jason, Rassie, Roque, Christopher, Reymundo, and Ismael, let them know how good a job they have done and thank them for all of us!