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Update for 110 Team as of 3/23/2020

Division 110 Team

The following is an updated list of OPEN jobsites:

CONFIRMED OPEN as of 6:00pm, 3/23/2020:

  • 100 Ottawa
  • The Graduate
  • Mary Free Bed
  • Bronson Three Rivers
  • Bronson Texas Corners
  • Bronson South Haven

The following was revised to CLOSED:  GR SW Community Campus

Additionally, below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) since the original correspondence earlier this afternoon:

  1. Do I file for unemployment?
    1. Not at this time.  The original direction below stands of recommending using PTO for tomorrow, 3/24/2020 if your job is not yet listed as open to allow us to sort out remaining jobsites with our GC/CM clients (as you can see its updating almost hourly).
    2. Further direction with regards to layoff, as necessary, will be relayed under separate correspondence chain by end of business day tomorrow
  2. Why are we working when the governor says don’t work?
  1. First and foremost, the ability to perform on a job is the lifeblood of providing paychecks to the many employees of Kent Companies.  Thus it is important to, when directed to and/or allowed by mandate, that we make that happen to keep people financially supported.
  2. The governors direction under executive order was “grey” with regards to construction.   Therefore we are following direction of our GC/CM clients of whom we are contracted to for final determination if job sites are deemed “essential”.
  3. By contract, if the owner entity is keeping the job open for progress, we have an obligation to complete said obligation.
  4. What happens if I drive into work and get pulled over?
  1. We are working to convert the emails, and formal notifications from our GC/CM clients into a “letter” or other means that can be shown if this becomes an issue, that can be provided to law enforcement personnel showing compliance IF it was to become an issue, but it is not anticipated to be.
  2. Why are some jobs working and some are not?
  1. Projects are being deemed “essential” on a case by case basis, as well as various interpretations of the executive order being made.  The basis of all these decisions is the basis of essential work.  The Bronson projects for example relate to healthcare, therefore hospitals are deeming them “essential”
  2. We are subject to the interpretation and direction of the GC/CMs on each project, who in turn are getting the same direction from the entity they represent.

The questions are appreciated and will attempt to update FAQ’s and jobsite status as they become available. 

As always, please communicate inquiries to your superintendent or myself.

Thanks in advance and your patience in this complicated time.

Direct: 616-318-0238