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Updated Payroll Policy & New Photo Gallery

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Payroll Reminder: Direct Deposit is Best!

New Policy Effective October 5, 2018: Replacement checks will be charged a $32 fee.

All employees are encouraged to take advantage of direct deposit for your weekly payroll check. It’s convenient, and it is the best way to guarantee that your money is available every Friday.

If you choose to receive a paper check, there is a new policy taking effect with the October 5, 2018 payroll. There will be a $32 fee to replace lost checks. If your check becomes lost in the mail or if you forget to change your address (or any other reasons your check is lost) you will incur a fee.

Enrolling in direct deposit is easy. Click here to download a form or visit Human Resources in your local office to update your records. For questions, contact Mindy Curtiss or Sarah Miller by calling 616-534-4909.


Division 110 – Exchange Place – Kalamazoo, Michigan

Division 110 – 601 Bond – Grand Rapids, Michigan

Division 110 – 140/150 Ottawa – Grand Rapids, Michigan