Lacks Enterprises Inc.

Project Overview

Lacks Enterprises is an automotive industry leader that specializes in the design and manufacturing of trim systems, plastic plates and wheel trim systems. Over the course of 50 years of operations, Lacks has established long-term relationships with global partners such as Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors. General Contractor Pioneer Construction partnered with Kent Companies to optimize the design of a new 28,000 square foot research lab. The base design for the facility’s concrete slab was six inches thick with concrete control joints placed approximately every 16 feet. Kent Companies recommended the use of DuctilCrete to improve slab performance and lower lifetime maintenance costs for the global manufacturer.

About DuctilCrete

DuctilCrete is a proprietary two-step placement system for the creation of ultra-flat concrete slabs. DuctilCrete floors are thinner than conventional concrete slabs and use no steel reinforcement. They are more resilient due to custom-blended chemical properties and fiber reinforcement throughout the top layer of the concrete. DuctilCrete slabs have up to 75% fewer control joints and are durable, curl-free surfaces.


Kent Companies teams installed the DuctilCrete slab in the research lab in two pours. The slab thickness was reduced from six to five and a half inches, and control joints were spaced 50 feet on-center across the slab. Finally, the slab was cleaned and sealed.


Kent Companies achieved a 63% reduction in control joints which reduced saw cutting, joint filler and installation costs. The ultra- at, durable and light reflective concrete floor is suitable for the most rigorous testing of new processes and technologies for the development of automotive parts. The Lacks Enterprises facility was granted a warranty up to five years based on the re-application of joint sealants as recommended.

Project Details


    Pioneer Construction


    Grand Rapids, Michigan


    DuctilCrete – Interior Slab on Grade