North Texas

Mercedes-Benz USA

Project Overview

Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) expanded in Grapevine, Texas to accommodate market growth across the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The MBUSA project was comprised of two buildings: a 262,900 square foot Parts Distribution Center (PDC) and a 59,200 square foot Learning and Performance Center (LPC).

Hill & Wilkinson partnered with Kent Companies for the complete concrete scope of work. Kent Companies’ scope included foundations, 312,000 square feet of slab on grade, 160 tilt-wall panels, nearly 20,000 square feet of sidewalk and 378,000 square feet of concrete paving.

Originally, the design for the foundation system on this project included drilled piers. During construction, the piers ran excessively deep. Kent Companies recommended replacing the piers with concrete footings. This change was implemented quickly, and it proved to be a win for the entire project.

Site conditions limited materials staging and work space. Kent Companies developed plans to pour casting beds, set forms and produce panels all on the site’s established slab on grade. Absolute precision in panel forming was required to meet both
engineering and aesthetic requirements for MBUSA.

After framing the panel perimeters, door and window openings were meticulously formed and braced to prevent movement. Reveal strips were placed to provide texture and visual interest for the facilities. The precise placement of these strips ensured all patterns aligned completely after panel erection.

Project Details


    Hill & Wilkinson


    Grapevine, Texas


    Foundations, Slab on Grade, Tilt-Wall Panels, Concrete Paving