Republic Services

Project Overview

Republic Services pledges a 99.9% pickup reliability record, and it takes a hard working fleet to accomplish this goal. Years of extensive traffic, oil stains and chemical runoff in the Republic Services maintenance garages caused extreme deterioration to the fl ooring. The floors were difficult to clean and maintain to corporate standards, and their condition threatened slowdowns in fleet maintenance schedules.

Republic Services turned to Kent Companies to repair and rehabilitate the flooring in four maintenance facilities across Michigan. The facilities ranged from 2,000 to 6,400 square feet in size. The Kent Companies team began work by grinding the concrete floors to remove surface contaminants and smooth imperfections. Spalls and chips in the floor surface were patched and filled. Kent Companies technicians applied Lacticrete HP Spartacote, a polyaspartic concrete coating that is specifically designed to provide increased traction, impact and abrasion resistance and chemical and stain resistance in industrial, shop and garage environments.

The entire project was performed on a non-interruptive basis. As a result of Kent’s work, Republic Services has facilities that are easy to maintain and that reflect the company’s reputation from the inside out.

Project Details


    Republic Services


    Pierson, Cheboygan, Manistee and Traverse City, Michigan

  • SIZE

    6,400 square feet


    Product: Lacticrete HP Spartacote