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The Value of Connecting with Your People

It’s no secret construction is a challenging industry. Our people are strong, prideful and passionate, and endure strenuous work at the jobsite. What is the best, most effective way to extend your appreciation?

Our leadership team makes it a priority to visit our jobsites to build relationships and have important conversations. Here’s why yours should, too.

We’re in the people business, and our people are the reason behind everything we do. Putting people first means carving out quality time with them. It’s easy to get caught up in work, especially during the busy season. Invest time in the people who invest their hard work and effort back into you.

Spending time with your people is an essential part of being a leader. It allows you to connect, foster valuable relationships and show your appreciation for the hard work they complete each day. It also opens the door to share company updates, available resources and have meaningful conversations. Oftentimes, colleagues will raise questions or concerns they may not have brought up otherwise. Face-to-face communication is priceless.

This summer, CEO Jeff VanderLaan, Human Resources Director Mindy Curtiss and I spent valuable time with colleagues at jobsites across the state – from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo and Holland.

The morale boost from a visit is energizing – on and off the jobsite. I left feeling proud and motivated from meaningful conversations.

We encourage all leaders to walk in the shoes of their teammates. Division Manager Mike Gnewkowski lent a hand to the Foundations Solutions team to help install helical piers to provide a stable foundation for a deck and stairway down to Lake Michigan.

Our people are the backbone to our success. Their hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Showing appreciation through visits and open conversations is the least we can do.

The relationships built through jobsite visits are invaluable. They’re an integral component of effective leadership and project management. Don’t just be a boss, be a leader and be present. Make time, listen and connect with your colleagues.