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Scheduling: Three Ways to Ensure Your Project Meets Its Deadline

Manpower challenges, weather and material cost escalations have shifted schedules nationwide. Managing your project schedule to meet your customer’s deadline starts with having the right people around the table.

Here are three steps you can take to reach the date of completion – expedited or on time.

  • Collaborate. The initial project schedule should be built in collaboration with field and office personnel. This ensures any issues related to budget, duration or manpower are brought to light and reconciled prior to the start of construction.
  • Details are essential. The schedule should be built with as many specifics and breakdowns as possible. This helps the project team be able to evaluate progress on a daily basis, and account for any hiccups they may face.
  • Align on the schedule. The secret to scheduling is making sure all parties involved in the project are involved and buy in to the schedule – make it make sense for everyone.

So, what makes the most productive, proactive and preventative contractor on-site? I’ve found consistency is key. The best line of defense is to establish a schedule and manage the plan accordingly. Know the details like the back of your hand. Be upfront with your customer – if you have an issue, take care of it head-on. When everyone buys in to schedule development, everyone knows what it takes to deliver.