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Pre-Construction Planning: Forecasting Winter Weather on the Jobsite

Winter construction in Michigan and across the Midwest is downright brutal. Ice, snow and cold temperatures are serious challenges.

You can gain a significant competitive advantage by planning project talks around winter weather conditions now. It will save you time, money and effort – and will demonstrate your expertise through inclement weather conditions.

Strategic contractors write their winter weather plans while the weather is still warm. Trade contractors are experts at operating in the toughest conditions. Our team can advise you on the following:


  • Air quality for enclosed building slab on grade pours
  • Manpower logistics to allow for warming
  • Intentional work habits to prevent slip and fall hazards

Site Management

  • Snow removal
  • Heating the slab(s)
  • Wrapping the building

Production and Quality

  • Finish and cure
  • Enclosed building atmospheric conditions for slab on grade pours

Concrete materials tend to cost more from November 1 through April 1. Warm water and heated aggregates serve as the cost drivers behind it. Have a leveled, sliding scale of responsiveness for light snow, medium snow, all out blizzard – depending on the severity of the weather conditions.

If you’re budgeting a project with a winter start or winter scheduling, it’s time to talk. We will advise you on safety, production rates and site management to help you manage any conditions.