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Media Release

2023 Fall Honor Coin Recipients

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At the heart of every team are individuals whose dedication is a beacon leading collective success. At Kent Companies, the Fall 2023 Honor Coin recipients stand as pillars of commitment to our Four Hallmarks – Safety, Productivity, Quality, and Customer Service. Read on as we unveil the stories behind these exceptional team members, recognizing their profound impact on our entire team.

Tim Beavers, Division Manager – Central Texas: Nominated by his team, Tim is known for putting his people and division ahead of himself. He joined the team in 2018 and has been striving for higher quality standards ever since. Tim’s safety-first approach encourages his team to seek training and resources whenever possible. His inquisitive style has created a culture that embraces challenging goals and drives productivity. Tim is dedicated to building relationships, whether within his team or the customers they serve. Tim is the first Kent Companies division manager to be nominated for an Honor Coin by the members of their team.

Dean Stacer, Business Development – Eastern Michigan: Using safety as his baseline to pursue jobs, Dean has been instrumental in his division’s safety culture. Throughout his 30+ year career at Kent Companies, he has used every opportunity to teach, instruct, and share intelligence among his team and his customers. Dean is an undisputed subject matter expert whose knowledge is sought after by the young workforce and depended on by industry leaders. “I am repeatedly reminded by our customers the trust they have in the accuracy and care Dean provides,” shares Division Manager Ed Hardesty. 

James Wright, Senior Superintendent – Carolinas: Knowledge, patience, and commitment are three words consistently used to describe James Wright. This commitment is evident in his willingness to lead by example and embrace new safety initiatives. James is credited with establishing many best practices used and enforced across the division. His gift for precise and detailed communication makes him a go-to resource for our customers. His attention to detail, ability to look ahead, and dedication to safety have made James a crucial member of the team.