Safety is the first and most important of our Four Hallmarks. We’re a family, and we watch out for each other on the job. We are proactive; speaking up to prevent mistakes and taking responsibility for our actions. Our safety program is based on personal accountability and continuous improvement. Our goal is for every member of the Kent family to return home safely each night.


Safety Team

Every member of the Kent family is responsible for safety. We employ full-time safety managers who work to educate our team by providing access to up-to-date policies and procedures.Our safety managers perform daily inspections of our job sites, and they train our field leaders to complete thorough job hazard analyses every day.

Safety Committee

The Kent Companies Safety Committee is a cross-functional team comprised of emerging and established field leaders from various divisions and locations. The committee reviews job site challenges; makes recommendations for training opportunities; identifies opportunities for peer-to-peer recognition of safe practices; and benchmarks performance against company and industry standards.

Stretch & Flex

Every day on a Kent job site begins with stretch and flex to ensure our entire team is prepared to work safely and injury-free.


We are a 100% hard hat, safety vest and safety glasses team. We know that wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential to maintaining safe job site operations.

Tool Box Talks

Our field leaders distribute weekly tool box talks to our entire team. These learning modules require every field team member to learn and understand important aspects of job site safety. Participation in our tool box talks is tracked and reported.

New Hire Orientation

We make safety a key component of every new hire orientation. A safety manager visits every orientation session to discuss our safety culture, our policies and procedures – and to emphasize our open door culture. We believe that every safety-related question deserves to be asked.

Training & Professional Development

We conduct an in-depth training session every month. Each hour-long, interactive classroom session provides a deeper understanding of safety topics such as job hazard analyses & planning; electrical safety for concrete construction sites; fall prevention; cold weather construction and more. Many of our topics are developed from feedback provided by our very own team.