Concrete Polishing, Concrete Staining and High Performance Coatings

Our team is certified by the Concrete Polishing Association of America. That means we meet the most rigorous standards for quality and technical performance for concrete polishing and staining applications. We serve industrial, commercial, manufacturing, medical, mixed-use and retail customers. Let’s talk about how your flooring system can meet your operations and maintenance goals.



Concrete Polishing & Staining

Offers durability, slip resistance and significant savings in long-term maintenance.

Logos & Decorative Stenciling

A signature logo or design reinforces corporate branding and complements decor.

High Performance Coatings

Epoxy coatings deliver strength and durability for industrial applications. Capabilities range from a few millimeters to high-build applications.


Service Availability

We travel throughout the counrtry upon customer request.

Grand Rapids, Michigan