North Texas

Jefferson Stonebriar

Project Overview

Jefferson Stonebriar is a 424-unit mid-rise apartment and parking garage. JPI Construction turned to Kent Companies for the comprehensive concrete scope of work including concrete foundations, slab on grade and a six-level post-tensioned cast in
place parking structure. Throughout the course of the project, the Kent Companies team installed 415 tons of rebar and placed over 15,300 cubic yards of concrete. The complete project scope included over 152,600 square feet of slab on grade for the apartment
units and 159,000 square feet of slab on grade and elevated structural concrete decks for the parking structure.

Kent Companies delivered a remarkable performance for JPI. The project team scheduled a 450 cubic yard paving pour followed the next day by a 340 cubic yard slab on grade pour. This two-day schedule was aggressive, but achievable. Throughout the course of the first day, service complications from suppliers caused the paving pour to extend late into the night. Despite a late-night finish, the Kent team made a decisive call to return early the next day to complete the second pour as scheduled. Their decision helped to maintain the continuous flow schedule for the entire project.

Kent Companies’ commitment to productivity set the tone for successful project completion.


This project earned a GOLD Project Award from the American Subcontractors Association – North Texas Chapter.

Project Details


    JPI Construction


    Frisco, Texas


    Foundations, Slab on Grade, Post-Tensioned Cast in Place Parking Structure