Kingsley Condos

Project Overview

The Kingsley Condo project is a five-story condominium building near the campus of the University of Michigan. JC Beal allocated fifteen working days for the installation of sound mats and underlayments in the project schedule. The Kent Companies team only needed four.

Kent Companies combined three regional crews to deliver increased capacity. Project Manager Ed Hardesty shared, “Ordinarily, this scope of work would be performed in three to four weeks over the course of six months. JC Beal asked us to complete the job in one trip, so we partnered with the other divisions across the Midwest to make it happen for our customer.”¬†

“All three divisions worked¬† like they had been together for years. It was one big team…not separate crews,” Hardesty shared. “Preparation made all the difference. We met with the customer in advance to manage all of the details. When the crews came together, there was nothing left to chance. Everything went off without a hitch. Our project management team helped us get extra bandwidth and equipment on time. It was a well-oiled machine.”

Project Details


    JC Beal


    Ann Arbor, Michigan


    66,000 square feet total area
    330 rolls of Acousti Mat 3 HP
    1 1/2" Dura Cap with Maxxon Fibers