Mercy Health Muskegon Campus

Project Overview

Ritsema Associates, the finished flooring contractor for Mercy Health – Muskegon Campus, turned to Kent Companies to streamline their work. The Kent Companies Underlayments team poured a total of 100,000 square feet of Ritsema’s products to expedite the floor preparation process at the hospital.


Kent Companies performed 16 different jobs at the Mercy Health project. On the most recent pour of 13,000 square feet, Ritsema’s Superintendent shared that their crew’s average preparation time was three weeks. Ritsema typically barrel mixes and pours the product by hand. Kent Companies offered the ability to pump the same product and complete the pour in only six hours. The Kent Companies team scheduled and completed pours in early morning and late evening hours to minimize interruptions on the hospital campus.

Project Details


    Ritsema Associates


    Muskegon, MI


    100,000 SF, 1/4" - 3/8" floor cap of Mapei Ultraplan Plus 1