The Rowe

Project Overview

When the Rowe Hotel originally opened in 1923, the furniture market in Grand Rapids, Michigan was booming. The property added highly-demanded guest accommodations to downtown. Nearly 100 years later, demand for downtown living spaces surged again, and the time was right to revitalize the historic property. CWD Real Estate and Triangle Associates developed plans to rejuvenate the Rowe as a mixed-use residential and retail building. They turned to Kent  Companies to help make it happen.

Kent Companies’ Underlayments Division stepped in to flatten floors throughout the 11-story building. The team installed over 90,100 square feet of ½” Dura-Cap® throughout the property. Dura-Cap® is formulated to cap and flatten rough, pitted, cracked and out-of-level concrete. The application ensured that all subsequent trades had a flat surface to complete their own work.

The Kent Companies team overcame several challenges to complete this project successfully. The Rowe is located at a busy downtown intersection which limited the staging area for pump setup and sand deliveries. The Kent Companies team scheduled deliveries and pours for early morning hours to avoid traffic congestion and to increase the working area available to other trades. Leadership by the Kent field team laid the groundwork for a successful property revitalization.

Project Details


    Triangle Associates


    Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • SIZE

    90,100 square feet


    Floor Leveling